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Waterborn Vision & Philosophy

Waterborn aims to have the best-coached swimmers in the country, irrespective of competitive achievements. Everyone at Waterborn wins – you will be coached to fitness, develop your body's strength and learn efficient movement in the water. Swim for life knowing you are one of the best-nurtured swimmers in South Africa. Few sports offer the intensity of coach - parent - athlete relationships that exist in swimming. Waterborn seeks to develop the potential inherent in such relationships by providing an environment of support, open communication and mutual sharing of knowledge. The Waterborn Programme allows for development over periods of 8 years or longer.

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Why Waterborn Swimming Club?

Waterborn is Simply the Best Specialised swimming instruction for elite and developing swimmers; masters and triathletes.

At Waterborn we educate and prepare swimmers to accomplish their goals, dreams and aspirations. We recognise different attributes, values, aims and circumstances that are unique to every swimmer.

We seek to nurture team collaboration and squad cohesion. Waterborn is a strong, functioning community. Few sports offer the intensity of coach - parent - athlete relationships that exist in swimming.

Furthermore, Waterborn strives to improve the standard of coaching in South Africa by actively sharing knowledge in the greater swimming fraternity. Since its inception in 2003, Waterborn has spawned the establishment of 3 new clubs in Johannesburg as part of its greater commitment to the national initiative to promote swimming. Waterborn swimmers are beautiful to watch in the water and therein lies the secret to the outstanding success of the Club.

Swim for life knowing you are one of the best nurtured swimmers in South Africa.